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Christina Brine

Professional Specialty

As your realtor, I will coach you throughout the process of buying and selling:

• Identify your goals, desires,comfort level and

• Assess the value of your home and present a
competitive pricing proposal

• Discuss options for home-staging and curb appeal

• Market your home via multiple media

• Negotiate price on your behalf

• Maintain communication with all professionals
representing your transactions

• Discuss with you, the inspection report results
and your options for negotiation

• Negotiate on your behalf, items within
the inspection report

• Resolve, or avoid, potential issues
in a timely and professional manner

• Respond to your queries promptly, informatively
and professionally

• Maintain steady communication with you
through to your closing

• Continue with follow-up after closing


Guiding sellers and buyers to simple solutions, is my favorite aspect of being a realtor.

As a realtor, I have learned what buyers love, hate and really hate.

What buyers are looking for, is not always pretty.

Your ability to attract more buyers, to sell your home faster and at a higher price can be greatly improved with home staging.

Often, the best solutions are inexpensive and take minimal effort to achieve.

I offer my clients detailed written advice, D.I.Y. instructions and professional contact information.